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Thrive Collective Serves in the Bronx

Thrive Collective Serves in the Bronx

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In June the Longwood section of the Bronx became a little brighter and colorful. Students from PS 333 and 335 worked together with NY CityServe partner, Thrive Collective, on a shared schoolyard mural that offers a glimpse into their neighborhood and how they see it. Every week during lunch time 6 classes, 3 from each school, joined us in the yard to help paint the mural. The results were fantastic.

Once the mural was all complete, on June 4th, Thrive Collective,  joined a dozen Bronx based artists and arts organizations gathered to celebrate the rich cultural legacy of the Longwood neighborhood at the first I Am Longwood Arts Fest. Enjoy the video above, capturing the beauty of the mural, festival, and community collaboration at it’s finest.


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