Washington Heights & Inwood Pathways

recruiting and equipping community leaders to mentor youth in Washington Heights

Washington Heights & Inwood Pathways

Washington Heights & Inwood Pathways

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Washington Heights & Inwood Pathways (WH/I Pathways) was launched a year ago by a coalition of neighborhood churches and ministries working together to shine the light of God’s mercy and justice upon our communities.  They are currently serving in partnership with the Inwood Academy for Leadership charter school providing adult mentors for middle and high school students.

The mission of WH/I Pathways is to recruit and equip community leaders to mentor youth in Washington Heights and Inwood to achieve greater possibilities for a safer, healthier and thriving neighborhood. Their vision is for a generation of young people who value themselves as image bearers of God, model Christ, and contribute to the renewal of their communities and the world.

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