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November 2016

NYCS at Movement Day 2016

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Last week while we were at the 2016 Movement Day conference, friends from all over the world– from Indonesia to South Africa– Menlo Park to Dallas– and everywhere in between– stopped by our NYCS booth to say hello, pick up a t-shirt, learn more about how we are celebrating and accelerating collaborations across the city, and to participate in a mural collaboration lead by Thrive Collective (one of our wonderful partners).
Operating on the premise that collaboration begins with action, visitors were invited to answer the question “how should we love our city.”  Over the course of three days 300+ people took courageous action by making their mark on one of four canvas panels alongside professional artists from Thrive.   The finished piece was presented by Thrive’s Executive Director, Jeremy Del Rio, at our  Accelerate 2.0 Fall Celebration.   During the presentation, Jeremy noted that this art installation is a tangible object lesson, offering us a glimpse of “what a city looks like when people come together to love and serve well.”
The mural also served as a beautiful backdrop for our presentation.   Below, is a photo of Evangelist, Luis Palau, when he joined our Executive Leadership team on stage to pray over our new Executive Director, Guy Wasko.
 After the team prayed, Guy proceeded to present the Accelerate 2.0 strategic vision frame, describing what NY CityServe is looking forward to in this new season.


Following the presentation guests caught up before heading off to the final Movement Day activities.   


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