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NYC Office of Emergency Management

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NY CityServe was invited to a meeting of faith organizations with the NYC Office of Emergency Management last week. It was deeply encouraging to see civic, church and community leaders coming together to see how we can better serve our communities during times of crisis. For more information and resources, go to

Zip Code Project

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This year’s Movement Day NYC was a day filled with powerful messages and collaborative discussions about furthering Gospel movements in New York City. a day to convene leaders to accelerate Gospel impact for measurable social change. Movement Day NYC is more than a conference – it is a catalyst for the Body of Christ to move powerfully in the city of New York.

To that end, LEAD.NYC has moved into massive action: we will be working with Cinnamon Network U.S. to launch a bold new five-year program to incubate and measure transformational church-led programs within the ten most vulnerable zip codes across metro-New York.

Working with church, community, civic, and marketplace leaders, LEAD.NYC and Cinnamon Network U.S., will bring focused and collaborative interventions into these communities, starting with two zip codes this year, and then adding two additional communities every year for the next five years. This measured approach is designed to help ensure that the programs implemented are nurtured and supported to create lasting and measurable impact.

At this year’s Movement Day NYC, we revealed the first two zip codes: Washington Heights and East NY, Brooklyn. We are using 100% of our Movement Day registration fees to immediately fund microgrants in these communities to address four areas of critical need:

  1. Increasing High School graduation rates
  2. Improving remedial math and English scores for elementary students
  3. Intervening to mitigate the cycle of teen pregnancies, and
  4. Interrupting the revolving door of juveniles into detention facilities

When the Cinnamon Network International published its Cinnamon Faith Action Audit demonstrating how faith-based community programs deliver £3bn worth of volunteer time in U.K. communities each year, the dynamic between civic and community leaders and the church immediately changed for the better.  Churches became welcomed partners to address the most pressing social needs in their communities.

Our goal is to do the same thing in New York City. To prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that churches are allies, not adversaries. To positively impact children today, and to watch that impact expand exponentially as they grow into adulthood.  To witness the Gospel come to life through our hands and hearts, prayers and programs.

The time for discussion is over. The time to move is now.



Conlico’s Gran Dia de Evangelismo

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CONLICO held their Gran Dia de Evangelismo last Saturday! CONLICO is a collection of over 200 bilingual churches in the Bronx. Led by Bishop Hector Bonano, they are collaborating to reach out to their neighborhoods and meet the needs of their communities. On Saturday, CONLICO provided food, entertainment, and services at Railroad Park in the Bronx, all while sharing the Gospel and worshiping the Lord. NY CityServe is proud to be partnered with CONLICO! For more info on CONLICO, go to

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RED Ministerial Partnership

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NY City Serve is honored to be partnered with RED Ministerial! RED Ministerial is a collaborative of over 40 bilingual churches throughout Corona and Jamaica, Queens. They are working together to serve their community and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Pastor Ramon Lorenzo and Pastor Keren Tolentino are serving faithfully in their communities.

First Thursday Manhattan Prayer Meeting

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Last Thursday was the largest First Thursday Manhattan Prayer Meeting yet!

“The First Thursday Manhattan Prayer Time is becoming one of the best pastors and leaders gatherings in the City. It has grown to be representative of all of the diversity of the city, from traditional churches and staff to young church planters to the historical black church and leaders of ministry organizations. It’s a consistent place for prayer, for great mutual encouragement, as well as meeting other leaders and networking for collaboration.

This morning’s prayer meeting was particularly encouraging, as a group of U S and international pastors and leaders joined us. But the time beyond that was incredible worship, diligent prayer and the brief ending devotional was given by AR Bernard. The diversity of the group is such a great reflection of who the body of Christ is in New York.” – Larry Christensen, NY CityServe Board


Loving Our Neighbor Christmas Cards

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Earlier this month, volunteers from churches across the city helped spread love to neighbors through hand-made acts of kindness.  Thanks to 90+ volunteers, over 300 men & women from 8 prisons, 2 women’s shelters, and 1 recovery center received a beautiful hand-written/ hand-made Christmas card.  Each card included a personal touch (unique artwork, bookmarks, and inspirational words of wisdom), as well as a promise to pray for the recipient.

We are so grateful to the volunteers who lovingly made cards and organized opportunities for others to participate.  It was inspiring to see so many people eager to join the effort to love and serve our NYC neighbors.

We had the opportunity to meet with several ministry/ nonprofit leaders through this project, and we are excited about the opportunities to collaborate/ serve/ spread love in the new year.

^The Artist Collective from TGC Park Slope made a fun event out of the card making.
^beautiful handmade cards from the TGC Park Slope group.
^Raul Baez from WITO, Inc. picking up the cards to be distributed to 8 different prisons.
^Hand-painted cards from talented artist/ designer, Leanne from Liberty Church, Downtown Brooklyn.
^ A CCC family made 100 cards (each with a uniquely inspiring message).
^Friends from Liberty Church Brooklyn hosted a bookmark making table at their holiday party (each bookmark included an inspiring message).
^Hand-painted art and individualized bible versus were placed inside cards delivered to a Brooklyn-based recovery center.

We would like to extend a special thank you to:

Friends from Brooklyn Tabernacle
Friends from Christian Cultural Center
Friends from Weill Cornell Medical Students
Friends from Trinity Grace Church, Park Slope
Friends from Liberty Church Downtown, Brooklyn
Friends from Liberty Church, Union Square
Friends from Trinity Grace Church, East Village

Raul Baez, Executive Director of WITO, Inc., for helping us reach men and women from 8 different prison facilities.  WITO’s mission is to equip incarcerated men & women with biblical principles, financial empowerment and transforming values so they can unlock the doors to success.

Darrell Cheng, Manager of Non-Profit Relations at Trellis, for helping us reach out to church volunteers and nonprofits in Brooklyn and Manhattan.


Check out more photos from the Loving Our Neighbor Card Initiative on Flickr 


Let My People Go Launch

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Let My People Go, a nonprofit committed to empowering the church to fight human trafficking by loving those most vulnerable, will launch their national network at a conference on January 24, 2016.   Attendees will learn how their church can be the solution to the suffering of the vulnerable by addressing injustice through the Let My People Go Network.   Guest speakers include:

  • Kevin Palau, president of the Luis Palau Association and author of Unlikely
  • Raleigh Sadler, Founder and Director of the Let My People Go Network
  • Ben Skinner, Founder of Transparentem and author of A Crime So Monstrous
  • Shandra Woworuntu, Founder of Mentari and appointed member of the US Advisory Council on Human Trafficking
  • Iryna Makaruk, survivor advocate and advisor for Let My People Go

There will also be special guests from the NYPD Vice Squad, Homeland Security, the International Justice Mission, the NYC Mayor’s Office, and more.  The cost of attendance for the 7:00-9:00 pm event is $15, and all attendees will receive approximately $50.00 in books and resources.

Learn more at the LMPG website:

NYCS at Movement Day 2016

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Last week while we were at the 2016 Movement Day conference, friends from all over the world– from Indonesia to South Africa– Menlo Park to Dallas– and everywhere in between– stopped by our NYCS booth to say hello, pick up a t-shirt, learn more about how we are celebrating and accelerating collaborations across the city, and to participate in a mural collaboration lead by Thrive Collective (one of our wonderful partners).
Operating on the premise that collaboration begins with action, visitors were invited to answer the question “how should we love our city.”  Over the course of three days 300+ people took courageous action by making their mark on one of four canvas panels alongside professional artists from Thrive.   The finished piece was presented by Thrive’s Executive Director, Jeremy Del Rio, at our  Accelerate 2.0 Fall Celebration.   During the presentation, Jeremy noted that this art installation is a tangible object lesson, offering us a glimpse of “what a city looks like when people come together to love and serve well.”
The mural also served as a beautiful backdrop for our presentation.   Below, is a photo of Evangelist, Luis Palau, when he joined our Executive Leadership team on stage to pray over our new Executive Director, Guy Wasko.
 After the team prayed, Guy proceeded to present the Accelerate 2.0 strategic vision frame, describing what NY CityServe is looking forward to in this new season.


Following the presentation guests caught up before heading off to the final Movement Day activities.   


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Accelerate 2.0 Fall Celebration

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Washington Heights & Inwood Pathways

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Washington Heights & Inwood Pathways (WH/I Pathways) was launched a year ago by a coalition of neighborhood churches and ministries working together to shine the light of God’s mercy and justice upon our communities.  They are currently serving in partnership with the Inwood Academy for Leadership charter school providing adult mentors for middle and high school students.

The mission of WH/I Pathways is to recruit and equip community leaders to mentor youth in Washington Heights and Inwood to achieve greater possibilities for a safer, healthier and thriving neighborhood. Their vision is for a generation of young people who value themselves as image bearers of God, model Christ, and contribute to the renewal of their communities and the world.

Learn more about Washington Heights & Inwood Pathways by clicking here.

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